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052 – Beginnings and Endings

Clear For a Year




Hi  –

Your final “Clear for a Year” Audio Postcard(TM) is ready.

Wow, just look at you. Can you even recognize that scared, small-playing, frightened little kitten that you were just one year ago?

Congratulations, you did it!

This is a major accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated as such.

I am so proud of you!

To listen to your Audio Clearing, just turn up your speakers, and click on the play button below:


Then listen for me…

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you.

And I’d love to hear your stories about this course, if you found it to be helpful and life-changing.

Why not take a minute to email me and tell me what you really loved about Clear for a Year?

You could do it right now, before it slips your mind. 🙂